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Many thanks for your interest in HTML Compiler. This program allows you to convert an entire HTML application (using CSS, JavaScript, Images and more) into an standalone Windows application. Your files will never be extracted to the user computer. And your executable applications can be customized using dozens of included user interface themes.

HTML Compiler work with Microsoft Windows 10, 8 and 7. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

HTML Compiler main features

Standalone executables
Produces standalone executables without dependencies.
Command line support
A command line version is available for batch compilation.
Never extracted files
HTML Compiler never extract your files to the user computer.
Unicode support
Unicode is supported for both contents and file names.
Interactive HTML
Your HTML code can interact with the Windows application.
Unique HTML templates
HTML Compiler allows you to reuse code with HTML templates.
User interface themes
HTML Compiler and your applications support dozens of themes.
Optional password protection
Optionally protect your applications with user passwords.
Royalty free distribution
Your produced applications are completely free of royalties.
Program install assistant
HTML Compiler can be installed and uninstalled with safety and easily.
Program updater assistant
Check for new versions and download directly from the program.
Multilanguage interface
The HTML Compiler user interface is available in various languages.
And many, many more...
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Register HTML Compiler

From this web you can download the latest version of HTML Compiler. What you download is a unlimited trial version of HTML Compiler, which you can use to evaluate if HTML Compiler can be useful for you. If finally you found HTML Compiler useful you can register HTML Compiler in order to use without any limitations. Your HTML Compiler purchased license provide you a year of free of charge minor updates and good prices to HTML Compiler major updates.

Choose your license

Within 12 hours (tipically) you will be sent your personal registration data that allow you to use the HTML Compiler without any limitation. Personal licenses allows you to use HTML Compiler in your personal computers and distribute the produced executables without cost and ad free. Commercial licenses allows you to use HTML Compiler in all your personal computers and sell the produced executables and include ads. Corporate licenses allows you to use HTML Compiler in your personal and business computers and to sell the produced executables and include ads.

Enjoy HTML Compiler!

In this website you can found the latest HTML Compiler published releases. Feel free to contact with me with comments, error reports, support questions, etc. Just write me an email to: info@davidesperalta.com

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